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Testosterone plays such an important role in the life of any man that we tend to exaggerate this very role. Let's try to restore the balance, and destroy some myths about testosterone.The abundance of testosterone in the blood is invariably associated with increased aggression. And the proof of this hypothesis (and this is really just a hypothesis) is an experiment on mice. During the experiment, castrated male mice showed less belligerence than normal mice.For obvious reasons, no such experiments have been performed on humans. And the ones that were conducted proved the opposite. Aggression and inappropriate behavior are caused by a lack of testosterone.For a long time, it was believed that testosterone accelerates the development of prostate cancer. However, recent studies have disproved this hypothesis, linking the disease to a lack of the hormone.

If you need to increase the level of testosterone in men, then medication should only be used as a last resort, doctors say. First of all, men are recommended moderate physical activity, proper and balanced nutrition, positive emotions, sleep for at least 8 hours a day, and abstinence from Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Scientists put an end to the myth that testosterone determines aggression a long time ago. We're just used to the idea that men are inherently more determined than women, and boys are inherently bullies. But these are rather role models imposed on us by society, and testosterone has nothing to do with it. In the human community, there are quite a lot of kind, gentle and indecisive men who have everything in order with hormones, and rude aggressive women with a healthy endocrine system.

The main amount of testosterone in the body is in a bound state. The hormone binds to the sex protein, becoming inactive and safe. Problems arise if the amount of free testosterone and dihydrotestosterone increases. This happens in the case of increased testosterone production as a result of diseases (pituitary, adrenal and testicular tumors, genetic problems), the introduction of testosterone preparations for rapid muscle gain, increased strength and endurance, or due to a lack of protein for binding the hormone, which is found in liver diseases.

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Male sex hormones are produced by cholesterol. That is why it is especially important that during the day in the diet of a real man received a sufficient amount of protein and fat. This indirectly explains the fact that men are much more attracted to meat than women.

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What is really proven, and more than once, is the presence of menopause in men — andropause, similar to menopause in women. However, unlike women, the maturation of the germ cells in them does not stop. Spermatozoa are formed until the end of life, and even a very old man can theoretically become a father. In andropause, testosterone synthesis decreases and sexual function fades.

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